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Title: Morphology of Malo
Other Titles: Addis Ababa University
Authors: Mahider, Tesfu
Keywords: Austronesian Languages
Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: This study presents the morphological description of Malo, an Omotic language that belongs to the North Ometo cluster (Fleming 1976). Malo is spoken in Southern Nation Nationalities and People Regional State. The study examines the different inflectional affixes and investigates the word formation processes involved in the derivation of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and numerals. This thesis is organized into six chapters. In the introductory part of the paper an attempt is made to introduce the objective, research methodology, and the significance of the paper. In addition some points about the Malo people and the language have been mentioned. Review of the literature and description of the phonology are also included in the same chapter. The second chapter of the thesis deals with the inflectional and derivational morphology of nouns. It presents that nouns in Malo are inflected for number, definiteness, and case. It shows that nouns in Malo may be derived from other nouns, verbs and adjectives. Compound noun formation is also presented in the same chapter. The third chapter presents the different types of pronouns of Malo such as personal, possessive, demonstrative and interrogative pronouns.The fourth chapter deals with the inflection and derivation of Malo verbs. It is shown that Malo verbs are inflected for aspect, tense and mood. Further more it is shown that suffixing different morphemes to the verb root derives different verbal stems. Chapter five presents adjectives, adverbs and numerals. The last chapter of the paper presents summary and conclusion of the thesis.
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