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Title: Morphosyntaxe du xavante. Langue jê du Mato Grosso (Brésil)
Authors: Machado Estevam, Adriana
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages
Je Languages
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Université de Paris VII
Abstract: This thesis offers a morphosyntactic description of the Xavante language, spoken in the state of Mato Grosso (Brazil) and part of the jê languages, of the macro-jê stock. The first chapter is concerned with parts of speech and shows the distinction between nominal, verbal, adverbial lexemes, postpositions and particles. The second chapter consists of the morphological component of the grammar and accounts for the formal, flexional and constructional characteristics of nominal and verbal lexemes. The following chapter deals with syntactic issues : it describes the internal structure and syntactic functions of constituents (phrases and clauses). Some observations on the informational structure of the sentence are given in the last chapter. In conclusion, we propose a few diachronic hypotheses which attempt to offer a general perspective on certain aspects of the language.
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