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Title: Prenominal Relatives in Basque and Antisymmetry
Authors: Vicente, Luis
Keywords: Isolated Languages
Basque - Grammar
Relative Clauses
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: University of Deusto
Abstract: The antisymmetric framework developed by Richard Kayne (1994) has been the source of new insights into a number of constructions, relative clauses being one of them. There are several analyses that deal with this topic (Bianchi 1999, 2000; Borsley 1997; Koster 2000; Platzack 2000; Zwart 2000) but all of them focus on postnominal relatives. Kayne himself proposed that pronominal relative are derived in the same way as postnominal ones, with one further movement of the relative clause to the left of the head noun. The aim of this dissertation is to examine this hypothesis in detail, focusing on pronominal relative clauses in Basque. The first half of the dissertation is devoted to the discussion of the ideas I build my analysis on. Thus, in section 1 I discuss a number of approaches to relative clauses that fit in Kayne's framework but that, for some reason or another, I have decided not to follow. In section 2, I critically examine at length the analysis first proposed by Kayne and further developed by Valentina Bianchi (1999, 2000). The second part of the dissertation deals with the implementation of all the previous concepts to Basque pronominal relatives: in section 3, I show that Kayne's IP fronting hypothesis does not yield the right results and propose a new way to derive pronominal relatives; in section 4, I examine the CP layer of Basque –building on some facts about wh- movement, focus and word order- in order to determiner what is the exact category that undergoes fronting; in section 5, I argue that the raising analysis defended throughout this piece of work can explain the accessibility constraints that Basque displays. Finally, in the last section I bring together all the previous discussion before reaching any conclusions.
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