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Title: A Manjako Grammar with Special Reference to the Nominal Group
Authors: Karlik, Jan
Keywords: Manjako - Grammar
Manjaku-Papel Languages
Atlantic-Congo Languages
Niger-Congo Languages
African Languages
Issue Date: 1972
Publisher: SOAS, University of London
Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to present a grammatical description of the Manjako language of Portuguese Guinea, highlighting the Nominal Group. Chapter 1 gives a brief general introduction to the Manjakos, their language, land and culture, and reviews the results of previous research. It outlines the-theoretical basis of the description and gives a summary of the principal texts used for the purpose of analysis. Chapter 2 briefly outlines the phonology of Manjako and the orthography used. Chapter 3 is devoted to the Nominal, Group, its Structure and Function. Chapters 4,5, and 6 describe the Sentence and String, the Clause, and the Verbal and Adverbial Groups respectively, thus providing a background, to the function of the Nominal Group. Chapter 7 deals with the Units at a Sub-rank to the Nominal Group, the Numeral Phrase and the Demonstrative Phrase. - Chapters 8,9, and 10 examine the constituents of the Nominal. Group (and of other Units) at the Word Rank, the-Stem-Sub-rank, and the Morpheme Rank respectively. The texts most frequently drawn upon for, illustration are, included in the Appendix in full. Certain texts which, have, been found marginally-useful for reference are included in an abridged form.
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