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Title: Wh-Quantification in Vietnamese
Authors: Tran, Thuan
Keywords: Austro-Asiatic Languages
Mon-Khmer Languages
Vietnamese - Grammar
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: University of Delaware
Abstract: This dissertation looks at the dual lives of wh-phrases in Vietnamese, namely their syntax-semantic behavior in interrogative and non-interrogative contexts. It is a common idea, since Nishigauchi (1986), and Cheng (1991), that wh-phrases are variables without any quantificational force, but obtain their interpretations from their binders. However, I argue that Hamblin (1973) semantics as revived by Kratzer &Shimoyama (2002) (henceforth neo-Hamblin semantics) is more plausible in that it allows us to maintain a uniform denotation of wh-phrases, and, at the same time to account for their apparent various quantificational interpretations. [...]
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