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Title: The Vute Noun Phrase and the Relationship Between Vute and Bantu
Authors: Thwing, Ronda Ann
Keywords: Niger-Congo Languages
Bantoid Languages
Vute - Grammar
Issue Date: 1987
Publisher: University of Texas at Arlington
Abstract: In recent years, interest in the many Benue-Congo languages of Cameroon and Nigeria has increased, though many languages remain which have not been studied adequately. This study of the Vute noun phrase and the relationship between Vute and the Bantu languages is provided to help bridge this gap int out knowledge. Chapter one introduces the Vute people in terms of their location, traditional history and linguistic classification. It also introduces two previous studies on the Vute language, along with the goals of the present study. Chapter two is a brief description of the phonology of Vute, including some details of morphonology and the tone system. Chapter three deals with the Vute noun phrase, including the singular-plural system of nouns, remnants of noun prefixes, the inflectional forms of Vute nouns and noun phrases, and the structure and constituents of the Vute noun phrase. Chapter four describes the relationship between Vute and the Bantu languages, based on Guthrie's (1948) criteria for defining a Bantu language. It presents the remnants of noun class affixes and concord found in Vute (the first criterion), the Vute reflexes of Guthrie's (1967-1971) reconstructed Proto-Bantu consonants and vowels (the second criterion), and the verbal and vocalic systems of Vute in relation to Guthrie's third and fourth criteria respectively.
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