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Title: A Grammar of Kayan Lahta
Authors: Ywar, Naw Hsa Eh
Keywords: Kayan Lahta - Grammar
Karenic Languages
Tibeto-Burman Languages
Sino-tibetan Languages
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Payan
Abstract: This thesis is about the grammar of Kayan Lahta, the people group who live in eastern Myanmar, Kayan state and Shan state. Its language is under the Tibeto-Burman of Karen branch spoken Myanmar. There are about 40 Kayan Lahta villages in Shan state and Kayah state. Different Kayan Lahta villages speakdifferent variety. This research is based on the Kaung Htu variety spoken in southern Shan state. This thesis is the first grammatical description of the Kayan Lahta. The thesis consists of seven chapters. The first chapter describes the background information of the language, historical background, population, location, religion, language and the thesis methodology. The second chapter is about the phonology of the language. Chapter three to the chapter six consists of grammatical information about Kayan Lahta. These chapters contain discriptions of the word classes, noun phrase, simple clause, and clause modification. The last chapter provides a summary of the thesis. Data collection was done in only one village. An initial 500 word wordlist was used for the phonological analysis. It was supplemented by new words discovered through the text analysis. The word list was transcribed and recorded from a male speaker but it has been confirmed with the other 3 male speakers and a female speaker. Three Lahta stories and a set of grammatical questionnaire were collected for text and grammaranalysis.
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