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Title: On the adjective in Korean
Authors: Kang, Haeng Soon
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Padova, Unipress
Abstract: In this paper I will show some evidence for the existence of attributive adjectives. In section 1, I will give a short overview of the properties of Korean adjectives which led some linguists to the idea that Korean adjectives in general are reduced relative clauses. In section 2, I will show some purely attributive adjectives in Korean. In section 3. I will present Cinque‟s proposal for the two origins of adjectives in the extended nominal projection. Following this, I will give evidence that Korean adjectives can also have non-intersective meanings, thus qualifying as purely attributive. The final section will also show some adjectives that cannot be analyzed as reduced relative clauses but seem to be purely attributive adjectives.
Appears in Collections:Rivista di Grammatica Generativa : Research in Generative Grammar (RGG)

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