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Title: Light Verb Constructions in Persian
Authors: Karimi-Doostan, Gholamhossein
Keywords: Indo-European Languages
Iranian Languages
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: University of Essex
Abstract: This thesis examines Light Verb Constructions, combinations of a light verb (Grimshaw and Mester, 1988) and a non-verbal preverb (PV) element, in Persian and occasionally Kurdish. It is argued that Light Verbs (LVs) are different from auxiliaries and lexical verbs since auxiliaries lack LCS and a-structure, lexical verbs contain full LCS and a-structure and LVs possesses defective LCS but not fully specified a-structure. The LCS of a lexical verb contains both aspectual and non-aspectual information, while the defective LCS of an LV only contains aspectual information. The aspectual information of a verb can be represented as a lexical Tier containing one of the aspectual roles Initiatory, Transition or Stative which respectively indicate the initiation, the change of state or the stativity of events. Depending on its type, an LV may have one of these roles. LVs combine with non-predicative elements and constitute idiom-like Noncompositional LVCs with a single a-structure originally belonging to the whole constructs. Also, LVs co-occur with predicative PVs, Verbal Nouns (VN) and process nouns, and form Compositional LVCs comparable to Korean and Japanese LVCs. Process nouns have N features, while VNs do not behave like normal nouns. Although every LVC may be broken by some items, only process noun PVs may expand into DPs capable of undergoing certain syntactic rules. In Compositional LVCs, LVs with an Initiatory role, capable of assigning accusative case, may appear in unergative or transitive LVCs, LVs with a Transition role can only form unaccusative LVCs and LVs with a Stative role may form transitive or intransitive LVCs depending on the type PVs. An LV and a PV, two zero-level elements, conjoin together in the lexicon to form an LVC with a single a-structure which can be subjected to morphological rules and its members may be split up by the syntax. This study suggests that a-structure is a level of representation projected from LCS.
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