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Title: Clause-Final Determiners in Kosraean
Authors: Good, Elaine Marie
Keywords: Austronesian Languages
Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: University of Hawaii
Abstract: The purpose of this discussion is to explore the occurrence of clause-final determiner particles in Kosraean, a nuclear Micronesian language, and to suggest a possible analysis for them. In Chapter I , we give a short survey of sociolinguistic aspects of Kosraean, a short description of relevant grammatical aspects, and some aspects of the Government and Binding framework which are u tilize d in the study. In Chapter I I , we show that the determiner particles are lexical determiners, which cannot easily be associated with any noun phrase internal to the clause or with the head noun phrase. Two analyses are proposed, one in which the determiner is considered simply a specifier for a re stric tiv e [+RES] clause having a realized tense [+R]. The other analysis is an appositive one for which a dominating N" is posited. Chapter I I I , which describes complements with a fin al determiner, shows that the [+R] feature described in Chapter I is also relevant to complements with a fin a l determiner. In addition, the specification of a ke introducer is also necessary. However, ke may be prepositional and the alternative analysis with a dominating N" can be used to describe complements with determiners. In the discussion of adverbials in Chapter IV, the definition of the feature [+R] of the Clause Specifier analysis must be extended i f the analysis is to be retained. The prepositional character of the introducers for adverbials with determiners allows the use of the N" analysis. For questions, in Chapter V, the [+R] feature is not applicable. But, questions may be equational and are thus be amenable to an analysis in which they are dominated by an N". In Chapter V I, we review the Clause Specifier analysis and the N" analysis for a ll clauses discussed and b rie fly consider the po ssib ility that clauses with fin al determiners may be D efinite, the noun phrase equivalent of [+R].
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