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Title: A gramática invisível : o caso das oraçoes relativas
Authors: Gomes da Silva, Rejane Matias
Keywords: Indo-European Languages
Romance Languages
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Universidade de Brasília
Abstract: This dissertation describes and analyses the estrategies of relativization of prepositional syntagmae of Brazilian portuguese. It aims on studying the appearence and frequence of standard patterns of processes in a context of a high stilistic self-monitoring. To do so, it has teachers, with college degrees, and last semester letters students as information sources. It proposes to deal with variation in a very descriptive way, connecting its appearences to intra and extra linguistic factors, detecting the incorporation of the standard varieties to the most formal uses of language. The learning of the standard relative clause is very related to formal education, because its appearence in everyday spoken language is almost zero. The empirical data show that there are two possible relative clauses in the battlefield: the standard one and the severing one pp-chopping. Besides the fact that the severing relative clause is very productive in written texts, the greatest number of occurrencies found was that of the standard variety. The results also draw to the fact that using standard relative clauses is conditioned to very strict structures of the language, so much so that they end up behaving as fixed language cluters, therefore there is very little real acquaintance with gramatical metalinguistics. The socio-cultural profile of the informers may lead to factors that privileges one variety over the other, bringing implications to portuguese language teaching in brazilian schools.
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