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Title: A Grammar of Kashibo-Kakataibo
Authors: Zariquiey Biondi, Roberto
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages (Southern)
Ge-Pano-Carib Languages
Cashibo-Cacataibo - Grammar
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: La Trobe University
Abstract: The present thesis is the first comprehensive reference grammar of Kashibo-Kakataibo, a Pano language spoken by approximately 3000 ~ 3500 people in the Peruvian departments of Huánuco and Ucayali, and it includes 22 chapters. An introduction to the Kashibo-Kakataibo language is offered in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 presents an introduction to the Kashibo-Kakataibo people. Chapters 3 to 4 deal with the phonological description of the language and Chapter 5 presents a general introduction to its morphological profile. Chapter 6 presents the closed word classes of Kashibo-Kakataibo. Chapter 7 lists the criteria for distinguishing between open word classes and, then, Chapters 8 to 14 present a characterisation of the four open word classes identified in this dissertation: nouns (Chapters 8-9), adjectives (Chapter 10), verbs (Chapters 11-13) and adverbs (Chapter 14). Chapter 15 presents the paradigm of second position enclitics. Chapter 16 presents adverbial enclitics. Chapter 17 lists a set of criteria for distinguishing between independent and dependent clauses. Chapter 18 presents the switch-reference system of the language. Chapter 19 presents evaluative clauses and speech report-clauses. Chapter 20 presents grammatical nominalisations, which are used for the functions of relativisation and complementation. Chapter 21 discusses further topics on transitivity and grammatical relations. Finally, Chapter 22 discusses discourse structure.
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