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Title: Italian Evaluative Morphology: a syntactic approach
Authors: Gambino, Michele
Keywords: Indo-European Languages
Romance Languages
Italian, diminutives, augmentatives
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Università di Padova
Abstract: The aim of this dissertation is to provide a satisfactory description and an adequate syntactic analysis of several phenomena pertaining to evaluative morphology in Italian. The issues discussed include the basic semantic properties of evaluative morphemes, their distribuition across and within lexical categories, their functional status and their interaction with other relevant morphosyntactic features. The hypothesis that the different aspects of the meaning of evaluative morphology – despite their apparent variety and inconsistency – can actually be reduced to very general semantic notions is connected to the intuition that at least some the abstract structuring principles of reference are the same across categories. From a syntactic point of view, the identification of parallel functional schemes in the extended projections of lexical categories leads us to confirm once again that syntactic structures, in spite of their internal complexity, can be accounted for by means of structural maps.
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