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Title: Estudo morfossintático da língua Parkatêjê
Authors: Ferreira, Marília de Nazaré de Oliveira
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages (Southern)
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP)
Abstract: This thesis presents a typological-functional morphosyntatic description of some aspects of the Parkateje language, which belongs to the Macro-Je stock. The Parkateje language is spoken by approximately four hundred people who live in two neighbouring villages on BR-222 highway, in the southeast of Para state. The data used in this thesis were collected in Mae Maria village, located on km 30 of this highway. This work depicts the description of (i) word classes; (ii) the syntax of simple sentences; (iii) the case-marking system; (iv) some mechanisms of verbal derivation; (v) nominal incorporation phenomena, and (vi) serial verb constructions. Parkateje is a head-marking language and it presents a very interesting system for indicating the relationship between heads and arguments. In the case of nouns and some transitive and non-active intransitive verbs, for example, this relationship is shown by relational prefixes.
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