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Title: V-to-Neg raising and negative concord in three sign languages
Authors: Pfau, Roland
Quer, Josep
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Padova, Unipress
Abstract: In this paper, we will concentrate on the syntactic properties of negation in three SLs: American Sign Language (ASL), Catalan Sign Language (Llengua de Signes Catalana: LSC), and German Sign Language (Deutsche Geb√§rdensprache: DGS).First, we are going to show that the observed similarities are only superficial ones. In fact, we find subtle but consistent differences in the workings of manual and non-manual markings of negation in the three SLs. We will provide an account for the differences based on the assumption that the Neg elements involved have different morphosyntactic properties and occupy different positions within NegP in the three SLs. Secondly, we will examine the variation observed in Negative Concord structures. Finally, we will add some extra evidence for the analysis proposed by incorporating into the picture the syntactic behavior of negative modals.
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