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Title: Aspectos dos sintagmas nominais em Karitiana: a quantificação universal
Authors: Coutinho-Silva, Thiago
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages (Southern)
Tupian Languages
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Universidade de Sao Paulo
Abstract: In a general aspect, this work has as its goals to describe and analyze some aspects of the Karitiana Noun Phrases. First, we take up again the discussions from Müller, Storto & Coutinho-Silva (2006a,b) and Sanchez-Mendes (2007), on Karitiana’s quantification, and we describe the behaviour of the alleged universal quantifier: akatyym, proposing that, in Karitiana, there is a specific ‘quantificational’ process that cannot be treated as noun ou adverbial quantification as described in Bach et al (1995), since what our analysis shows from the morphossyntactic, as well as the semantic point of view, is that NP +akatyym is a internalheaded relative clause, and its alleged Universal quantificational force can be justified as a characteristic of the internal-headed free relatives, that, as it interprets its nominal heads semantically DP-internally, generates an operation which has as its semantic result a denotation of plural maximum or complete entity (cf. Grosu & Landman, 1998). Besides, this work analyzes a few interesting facts correlated within the Noun Phrase: we analysed the demonstrative structures, showing that they are best analyzed as relative clauses, and we propose a description and an analysis of the Karitiana pronouns from both the Distributed Morphology point of view, following the works of Ritter & Harley (2002), for the feature geometry composition for the person pronouns paradigm, and also of the resources involved in binding and co-denotation (Büring, 2005). At last, we point that the non-existance of a specific lexical item for universal quantification of nominals, of demonstrative pronouns and of an effective number morphology in the personal pronouns corroborate the hypothesis of non-existance of the functional category DP in the Karitiana nouns, as proposed by Müller, Storto & Coutinho- Silva (2006a,b).
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