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Title: A Principles and Parameters Approach to Loma Grammar
Authors: Wilhoit, Laura Kikue
Keywords: Niger-Congo Languages
Western Atlantic Languages
Loma - Grammar
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: University of Texas at Arlington
Abstract: The work presents a grammatical description of the Koimei variety of Guinean Loma. Principles and Parameters theory is used as a framework. Loma is a South-western Mande language spoken in Guinea and Liberia. Basic phonological characteristics are presented, including initial consonant alternation. The structure of Loma phrases may have implications for theories proposing functional heads. Loma has a rich system of overt Agreement marking in IPs and NPs. Agreement is posited as a case assigner that licenses the NP in its specifier position. PRO is uncommon. The pattern of resumptive pronouns suggests that VP is a bounding node. A few Tense-Aspect-Modality suffixes appear to change the theta grid of some intransitive verbs, but a class of unaccusative verbs is not posited. Unstressed pronouns predominate in the participant reference system of the narrative text studied in this work; a referring expression occurs at points that require more encoding.
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