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Title: The Grammatical Structure of Western Pokomchi'
Authors: Weichel, Lindsay Anne
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages (Northern)
Mayan Languages
Poqomchi' - Grammar
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: University of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Abstract: this thesis is a linguistic analysis of the western dialect of Pokomchi', a Mayan language of Guatemala. It includes a structuralist description of the phonetic, phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic systems of Western Pokomchi'. The chapter on phonetics and phonology contains a list of phonemes in Pokomchi' and a discussion of allophones and minimal pairs in the language, as well as information on morphonemics and a description of the standard orthography. The chapter on morphology describes the inflectional and derivational morphology of each of the parts of speech. The chapter concerning syntax describes the formation of basic phrases in Western Pokomchi', and traces their combination into simple and complex sentences. It also describes the function of word order in the language. The thesis also includes a brief discussion of some of the more interesting semantic characteristics of the language, as well as an application of Case Grammar Theory to the data to discover how semantic roles are expressed in Pokomchi'. The thesis ends with the analysis of five separate texts in Western Pokomchi'. One of these is a myth recounted to me by a native speaker of the language, while the other four are taken from previously published but relatively unanalyzed material on the language. The majority of the data used in the analysis of this language was given by two consultants, both native Pokomchi' speakers, during the course of fieldwork carried out in San Cristobal Verapaz, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, in the summer of 2004. Other data is taken from a number of other sources or dfrom personal consultations with other linguists who specialize in the area of Pokomchi'. Where this is the case, it has been noted within the text of the thesis.
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