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Title: Aspect and the Chipewyan Verb
Authors: Bortolin, Leah
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages (Northern)
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: University of Calgary
Abstract: In the existing Athabaskan literature, the morphological and semantic properties of the imperfective and perfective prefbces, as weil as their distribution across the verb corpus, are not considered in any detail. The goal of this thesis is to gain a better understanding of the morphosemantic distribution of the five pairs of imperfective and perfective aspect prefxes in Chipewyan. Ta this end, Smith's five universal situation types are applied to the rcstricted distribution of the aspect prefix pairs which, in tum, creates a classification of the morphosemantic propenies of Chipewyan verbs. Although previous Athabaskan analyses contribute to the present research, they do not consider the properties of the Athabaskan languages from a crosslinguistic perspective. In contrash the present analysis sheds light on the importance of a universal perspective of Chipewyan and provides a better understanding ot the significance of the imperfective and perfective aspect prefixes in the Chipewyan verb.
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