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Title: Doubling in relative clauses. Aspects of morphosyntactic microvariation in Dutch.
Authors: Boef, Eefje Pietertje Maria
Keywords: Indo-European Languages
Germanic Languages
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universiteit Utrecht
Abstract: This thesis presents a study of (long-distance) restrictive relative clauses (RCs) and related constructions in Dutch. RCs have always featured prominently in linguistic theory, as a result of which there exist now many different analyses of RCs, but there are as many outstanding questions and unresolved issues. The goal of this thesis is to contribute to the study of RCs and related constructions by looking at previously undiscussed microvariation, and more specifically, by looking at doubling in Dutch (long-distance) RCs. Doubling constructions shed new light on several outstanding questions within generative linguistics, concerning the structure of A-bar chains (chapter 2), the syntax of RCs, the structure of the left periphery (chapter 3), and the nature of relative pronouns and complementizers (chapter 4).
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