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Title: Aspects of noun-modification in Algerian Arabic with reference to the Relative Clause
Authors: Belkacemi, Cheikh
Keywords: Afro-Asiatic Languages
Semitic Languages
Algerian Arabic
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: University of Manchester
Abstract: This study deals with certain syntactic aspects of Algerian Arabic (Hereafter AA). It is hoped to represent a step towards gaining an insight into the nature of individual processes operating within the total system of this spoken language whilst also demonstrating how these processes interact. -The introduction delimits the study and specifies the approach. -Part One deals with the simple modification of the noun, and briefly mentions the complex modification which involves the study of the sentence. -Part Two examines the verbal and the non-verbal sentence; it also gives a brief account of the interrogative sentence whose structure is encountered in the embedded sentence of a certain type of relative clause. -Part Three provides an exhaustive study of the complex modification which is the relative clause. It also establishes the difference between verbal and non-verbal relative clauses as well as between /#PRO/and /-PRO/ relative clauses.
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