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Title: The Mmen Noun Phrase
Authors: Bangha, George F.
Keywords: African Languages
Niger-Congo Languages
Atlantic-Congo Languages
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Université de Yaoundé I
Abstract: This study is in line with the necessity today to give African languages in general and Caiiieroon languages in pal ticular a writtcn form. So far, tlie Miiien language, with its very small nuinber or speahcis has undergone dcccription only in the domairis of photiology and niorpliolo~to an extent. Because no attention has been given to the doinain of syntax, this study then sets out to continue the description of Mmen by studying the noun phrase with the aim of identifying iioiin plirase types, the relational patterns or structure existing between head nouns and their modi liers in various noun phrase types.
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