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Title: Some Aspects of the Predicate Phrase in Gegbe
Authors: Ayaba Jondoh, Edina Elemawussi
Keywords: African Languages
Niger-Congo Languages
Atlantic-Congo Languages
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: Indiana University
Abstract: The purpose of this dissertation is to present an analysis of different syntactic aspects of the predicate phrase, in Gegbe, a West African language of the Kwa group. An attempt is made to determine how the components of the predicate phrase can be categorized and what generalizations can be made about its structure. The theoretical framework used is primarily that of the Transformational Generative Grammar. The different aspects considered are: auxiliaries, the verb phrase, verb serialization, modifying predicate phrases. Drawing from language internal evidence such as the position of the constituents in the predicate phrase, their movement or lack of movement and their syntactic role, and al~o from language universals dealing with the constituent nature of the Aux and the VP, the following conclusions have been reached: 1) a general constituent category AUX can be set up for the language, including items used to convey tense (time), aspect or mood; 2) a constituent category VP can also be set up for the language inclUding the main verb, the object NP's and other.~odifying verbs and some expressions of manner; it has been shown that the Aux cannot be part of the VP; 3) in the analysis of serial verb constructions, it has been shown that such constructions are not of the form AUX + V where some of the verbs are considered as auxiliaries and the others as main verbs, but rather, they are constructions with true verbs occurring in series, derived from underlying coordinated sentences~ 4) in Gegbe, some predicate phrases attribute a quality to substantives: the nucleus of these modifying predicate phrases can be a verb, a noun,or a nominal derived from an adjective or a verb~ some of the morphemes derived from verbs can be classified both as adjectives and as nouns syntactically.
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