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Title: A Reference Grammar of Pashto
Authors: Tegey, Habibullah
Robson, Barbara
Keywords: Indo-European Languages
Indo-Iranian Languages
Pashto - Grammar
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, D.C.
Abstract: this grammar of Pashto was designed to accompany a set of beginning - and intermediate - level instructional materials for teaching the Pashto language to English speakers, but can be used separately as a reference by readers who are not learning the language. Introductory sections in English and Pashto describe the content and organization. The first chapter gives background information on the people who speak it and on the language (history, social status, dialects, standardization, and history of its study). Subsequent chapters address grammatical forms and uses in the language, including: phonology and pronunciation; Pashto word stock and their origins, borrowings from Persian, Arabic, Urdu, English, and Russian and other languages; the Arabic-based writing system, written literature, alphabet, and punctuation; nouns; pronouns; adjectives; verb forms and verb uses; prepositions; simple sentence structure; conjunction; and subordinate clause structure. Contents are indexed. (MSE)
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