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Title: The core Grammar of the Guadeloupean Creole : a descriptive and comparative Approach
Authors: Bonan, Caterina
Keywords: Guadaloupean Creole - Sintax
Guadaloupean Creole - Morphology
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia, Facoltà di Lingue, Corso di Laurea Specialistica in Scienze del Linguaggio
Abstract: The present work provides an overview of the main structures of Guadaloupean Creole and constitutes an improvement over former works on the subject, many of which grouped Guadaloupean, Martinican, and other varieties of Caribbean French-based creoles under the label of Lesser Antillean Creole (LAC). This classification was done whithout taking into consideration the fact that these varieties are not 100% intellegible today, although their common origins are undeniable. In contrast to most of the existing scholarship, this dissertation tries to point out what is peculiarly Guadeloupean, not only from a syntactic but also from a morphological point of view.
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