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Title: Le relazioni di N.S. Chrušĉev al XX Congresso del PCUS
Authors: Trapani, Vanessa
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: The object of the present study is political language and its rituality in the Soviet political speech. This work has been conceived as a Lexicum, whose basis is a corpus of two documents that we'll call here Acts of the 20th Congress of Communist Party of Soviet Union. During this Congress, whose speaker was N.S. Chrušĉev, was brought to the public opinion the new and shoking concept of Stalin's "cult of personality". The data base of this Lexicum includes more than 4000 words that we consider worth of interest. In the first part of this article we outline a brief historical background with the events that took place just before, during and after this Congress. Further, we try to interpret the linguitic material of the two texts in order to show that the language employed in these political, rhetorical and propagandistic speeches is, in some ways, a varied and dynamic language which finds itslef on the border between innovation and tradition, likely closer to the language of ancient Rus' or of Peter the Great's Russia than to demonized "newspeak" and, anyway, for this reason, even more ritual that the latter.
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