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Title: Sarah Kane's Blasted: The Scandal between the British and Italian Productions
Authors: Rossi, Valentina
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: After completing an MA in playwriting at Birmingham University, Sarah Kane (1971-1999) exploded onto the London theatre scene in January 1995 with her controversial first play, Blasted (Royal Court Upstairs), a horryfing examination of the effects of contemporary war on three people in a Leeds hotel room. Accused of putting audience through a "catalogue of lurid on-stage depravity", she was vilified by the press and proclaimed "the most notorious playwright in Britain". Unfazed by the cacophony of media criticism, she directed her second paly, Phaedra's Love, in May 1996 and two years later, Cleansed and Cave. Short before committing suicide she had finished her fifth play, 4:48 Psychosis, which premiered in London in June 2000. In the last six years her plays have been staged all through Europe, and even in Italy, Kane found her interpreter and director in Barbara Nativi which directed two of her plays, Blasted and Crave. Her plays offer us a powerful warning, by showing the tragic but logical conclusion of humanity's escalating, destructive behaviour, and simultaneously they force us to confront our shred responsability for the brutal reality which already exist. Together with other contemporaries, such as Mark Ravenhill, Martin Crimp and others, she pioneered a new generation of playwrights who, aganist all traditions, gave the English scene a new and deep impulse.
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