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Title: La poética de César Vallejo : de la impotencia de Dios al milagro del hombre
Authors: Del Vecchio, Giorgia
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: The study of the images and the obsessions which mark Cesar Vallejo's poetic universe, and the analysis of his poems show once again that the obscurity of his language depends on the degree of freedom that the author reached in his poetic investigation. This one corresponded to a deep human investigation which brought the poet to the discovering of the human limits, of the state of separation and of the sin that mark the essence of human condition. By taking words to the limit and by insisting on the powerlessness of language, Vallejo dicovered the powerlessness of man before mistery and the empyness of the archetype of God, but also the link between the individual and the mankind, the pain of the other one and the universal love, from which some possibilities of fight against limits come. Vallejo's poetic experience ended with the projection of his personal drama into the social and political drama of Spain during the civil war which started in 1936.
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