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Title: La neutralisation du temps dans les Vies imaginaires de Marcel Schwob
Authors: Bordino, Elettra
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: The collection of short biographies Vies imaginaires by Marcel Schwob reflects in its themes as well as in its form the 'fin-de-siècle' fear of time, considered as the herald of death. The main characters are pirates, murderers, philosophers, magicians that try to escape their mortal condition of human beings in different ways. As regards the narrative composition, this work neither follows a historical, linear development nor describes all the stages of existence. Actually, according to Poe's structural principle of 'symmetry', the coherent organisation of every life, where all elements aim at a final effect, represents time not as a flux but as a circle. Besides, the use of the present tense instead of the past sometimes makes present and past coincide and attracts the reader into the orbit of narration. As a result of these techniques, the material and spatial substance of the text is emphasized and the art of writing becomes similar to painting. In this perspective, Schwob's tales may be viewed as portraits of words.
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