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Title: Riflessioni sull'evoluzione dell'aforisma francese nell'Otto e Novecento
Authors: Helmich, Werner
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: After the classical period of moralistic maxims and reflections, the French aphorism is in an ambiguous situation both of prestige and scleroses, which leads to two different currents of evolution. On one hand, the late moralistic maxim will be continued until the middle of our century by a considerable number of writers, losing much of its former aesthetic and intellectual standards. On the other, some psychologically or socially marginalized authors such as Joubert, Jules, Renard, the Belgian surrealists or Cioran are trying to renew the genre by integrating it into the diary tradition and by following new literary models, especially those of the German aphoristic tradition (Lichtenberg, Nietzsche). In the last few decades, this complete remodeling has brought the genre, which around 1900 had been very badly treated by French critics, back into great literary and philosophical esteem.
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