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Title: Da Gucciardini a Longanesi : dall'aforisma di famiglia all'aforisma di editore
Authors: Ruozzi, Gino
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: In Italy the modern aphorism first appeared in the Ricordi (political <<warnings>>) written by Francesco Guicciardini between 1512 and 1530 and published posthumously in Paris in 1576. To begin with Italian aphorists belonged to specific categories, eg. politicians, doctors, military men. Only later do <<pure>> writers of aphorisms appear. An innovation in the 20th century is represented by the appearance of female aphorists - quite a curious fact considering the traditional misogynism of the genre. The cities where the aphoristic tradition flourished most were Venice, Florence and Triest. Many writers of aphorisms (like Giuseppe Prezzolini, Giovanni Papini, Mino Maccari, Leo Longanesi) were also publishers, especially of the periodicals (<<La Voce>>, <<Lacerba>>, <<L'Italaliano>>).
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