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Title: Italian prepositions in aphasic production : evidence from three experimental studies
Authors: Zampieri, Elisa
Keywords: Italian language - Prepositions
Aphasic persons -- Language
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia, Dottorato di ricerca in Scienze del Linguaggio
Abstract: In this work, we provide a linguistic analysis of Italian prepositions with the aid of three neuro-linguistic experiments. The first part of the dissertation is devoted to the most important linguistic theories dealing with the following topics: (i) the formation of articulated prepositions; (ii) the syntax of complex prepositions; (iii) the linguistic nature of prepositional compounds. In the second part, instead, three experiments are presented every one assessing one of the fields we have mentioned above. Articulated preposit ions have been analyzed through two production tasks performed by 8 aphasic patients. Complex prepositions and prepositional compounds, instead, have been the subjects of two case studies involving two agrammatic patients. The results have allowed us to single out, among the various proposals presented in the theoretical chapters, the linguistic model which better characterizes how Italian prepositions are processed
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