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dc.contributor.authorProverbio, Alice Mado
dc.contributor.authorLilli, Stefania
dc.contributor.authorSemenza, Carlo
dc.contributor.authorZani, Alberto
dc.description.abstractFunctional neuroimaging and neuropsychological findings suggest that memory retrieval of common and proper names is subserved by different neuro-functional systems but little is known about the topographic localization of neural generators. In the present study brain electrical activity was recorded with a high density electrode montage in healthy young volunteers during lexical retrieval upon written definition. ERPs spatio-temporal mapping showed on one side a strong activation of left anterior temporal and left central-frontal areas for proper names, and on the other side a greater involvement of occipital areas for common names retrieval. The specific pattern of bio-electrical activity recorded during proper names retrieval might index the activation of neural circuits for recalling names of high contextual complexity, poor of sensory–motor associations and dependent on precise spatio-temporal coordinates.en
dc.subjectMemory retrievalen
dc.subjectLexical categoryen
dc.subjectLeft temporal lobeen
dc.subjectPhonological decisionen
dc.titleERP indexes of functional differences in brain activation during proper and common names retrievalen
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