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Title: Aspectos de uma gramática Shawã (Pano)
Authors: Souza, Emerson Carvalho de
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages
Southern American Languages
Ge-Pano-Carib Languages
Shawa - Grammar
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universidade de Campinas
Abstract: This thesis aims at presenting grammar aspects of the Shawã language (Pano family, Acre/Brazil) focusing on phonology, morphology and syntax. The work is structured as follows: The first chapter introduces the history of the Shawãdawa people, the classification of their language so far given in literature and the here applied research methodology. The second chapter then contains the study of Shawã phonology, tables present both the phonetic and phonological segmental systems. An account of accent structures and nasalization processes may also be found in this part. Main issues on morphology, especially on word classes and word formation processes are discussed in the third chapter. The fourth chapter delivers a description of aspects of syntax structures of the Shawã language. In the final remarks I give a brief summary of the Shawã language description. Additionally a comparative lexical collection and maps on the exact geographical location of the Shawãdawa ethnic group are attached.
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