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Title: A marcação de (tempo), modo e aspécto na língua Kaingang : uma proposta de análise
Authors: Almeida, Leriana de
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages
Southern American Languages
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Universidade Estadual de Londrina
Abstract: In this dissertation there is an analysis proposal of the marking of time, mood and aspect in the kaingang language: an aboriginal language from the Je family, Macro-Je stock, spoken by 30 thousand people who live in the part of the Sao Paulo State,Parana', Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. It brings information concerning the kaingang people and the kaingang language, also general notions of the grammar and the verb of this language. There is a revision of the theoretical approach in the linguistic categories of tense,mood and aspect. Besides, it was considered the previous studies on these three linguistic categories in the kaingang language. It also presents an analysis of the data collected with the kaingang who live in Apucaraninha/PR. As in the bibliographical revision there are divergent perspective about these categories, the data was analyzed, in this work, under the morphossintax perspective, that is, it was considered the marking of these linguistic phenomena made by grammar units. As a result, it was not set the category of tense up, because the time marking in kaingang is essentially made by lexical units. Otherwise mood and aspect categories could be established, for the reason that they are marked by grammatical units. Within the mood category, there are the realis,irrealis and imperative subcategories, and in the aspect category,the perfective and imperfective were detected.
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