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Title: Le groupe nominal en creole mauricien: études syntaxiques (DP Syntax in Mauritian)
Authors: Alleesaib, Muhsina
Keywords: Creole Languages
French based Languages
Creole Morisyen
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Université de Paris VIII
Abstract: Within the framework of generative syntax, this dissertation offers an in-depth investigation of the syntax of the noun phrase (DP) in Mauritian Creole. In addition to the internal structure of complex DPs, it investigates the distribution of determinerless simplex DPs and of adnominal adjectives. It is shown that the referential properties of bare nouns and plural noun phrases containing bann arise in part from their syntactic position and in part from the global content of the sentence. Other topics of investigation include adjectives, possessive DPs, relative clauses and free relatives. Diagnostic tests are provided to define Adjectives as a syntactic category in MC. New analyses are proposed for the third person pronoun so in possessive noun phrases, the complementizer ki, resumptive pronouns and the morphological word se-ki/sa-ki occurring in free relatives.
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