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Title: A Grammar of Guna: A Community-Centered Approach
Authors: Smith, Wikaliler Daniel
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages
Southern American Languages
Macro-Chibchan Languages
Guna - Grammar
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: The University of Texas at Austin
Abstract: This dissertation is a descriptive grammar of Guna, a Chibchan language of Panama with an approximate 40,000 speakers. The aim of the dissertation is to provide a description of the language that is linguistically relevant and at the same time straightforward and readable for a wider audience that may include the community of Guna speakers. This work fills a gap that exists in the literature for Guna. Great work has been done about Guna in diverse areas and disciplines. However, as the Guna population seeks to become more involved in their own representation (Howe 2010), there exists a great need for a document that bridges the understanding of Guna linguistics with the community’s efforts of language maintenance and revitalization. In order to accomplish this, chapters are written in such a way that topics can be easily located, linguistic concepts are fully explained, and the language used to describe specific linguistic phenomena is straightforward.
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