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Title: Subject Clitics and Subject Extraction in Somali
Authors: Hubbertz, Andrew Paul
Keywords: African Languages
Afro-Asiatic Languages
Cushitic Languages
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: McGill University
Abstract: This study applies chomsky's Barriers version of government binding theory to subject clitic pranouns and subject-verb agreement processes in Somali. It is proposed that Somali has a contrast between strong and weak subjectverb agreement, indicated as AGRs and AGRw respectively. SCL is possible if AGR=AGRs. SCL is obligatory if subject is pro, the null pronominal. SCL is excluded in case of short subject extraction, which is only possible from the domain of AGRw. The prohibition against short subject extraction from the domain of AGRs is attributed to principle B of Aoun' s generalized binding theory. Long subject extraction from the domain of AGRs is possible if an intermediate trace in [NP, CP] deletes before binding theory. The analysis is extended to subject extraction in Italian, including the Trentino dialect, and Modern Irish.
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