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Title: Tokelauan Syntax. Studies in the Sentence Structure of a Polynesian Language
Authors: Sharples, Peter R.
Keywords: Austronesian Languages
Central-Eastern Malayo-Polynesian Languages
Tokelauan - Grammar
Issue Date: 1976
Publisher: University of Auckland
Abstract: A fairly comprehensive treatment of the main features of Tokelauan sentence structure is the central aim. The syntactic analysis is presented within a framework which is an adaptation of Chomsky's 'Standard Theory' but special consideration is given to the problem of squaring a grammar based on formal evidence with a functionally-based analysis of sentences. The principal modification of the Standard Theory is the readoption of kernel sentences and generalised transformations, i.e. a partial reversion to the transformational model proposed in Chomsky's Syntactic Structures. Thus, the output of the base rules is a set of simple sentence structures, with no embeddings.
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