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Title: Bunaq: A Papuan Language of Central Timor
Authors: Schapper, Antoniette
Keywords: Indo-Pacific Languages
Trans-New Guinea Languages
Bunaq - Grammar
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Australian National University
Abstract: This thesis is a description of Bunaq, a Papuan language spoken by approximately 80,000 people living in the central mountainous region of the island of Timor. Bunaq speakers straddle the border between Indonesian West Timor and independent East Timor (Timor-Leste). This thesis concentrates on the variety of Bunaq spoken in the Indonesian kecamatan of Lamaknen. The areas of grammar covered in this thesis are phonology (ch. 2), word classes (ch. 3), clause structure (ch. 4), noun phrases (ch. 5), pronouns and person reference (ch. 6), determiners (ch. 7), locationals (ch. 8), adnominal possession (ch. 9), verbs (ch. 10), valency changing and deponency (ch. 11), postposition and verbal postpositions (ch. 12), serial verb constructions (ch. 13), adverbs and verbal modifiers (ch. 14).
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