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Title: A Grammar of Kadiweu
Authors: Sandalo, Maria Filomena
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages
Southern American Languages
Guaicuruan Languages
Kadiweu - Grammar
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh
Abstract: This dissertation provides a general description and a dictionary of Kadiweu, a Waikunuan language spoken by about 1,500 Indians distributed over an area o f538,000 hectares in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The Kadiw6us are the only surviving descendants of the Mbayd people, who in the 18th. century dominated a large extension of the Brazilian and Paraguayan Chaco area The data for this study is comprised primarily of material collected in fieldwork with native speakers of Kadiweu in Serra da Bodoquena, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. I provide a detailed description of Kadiweu phonology and morphology. I offer a description of the Kadiwdu phonology, on synchronic and diachronic grounds, taking dialect differences into consideration. Kadiweu has two dialects which reflect gender and social status. Moreover, I provide a detailed description of the verb and noun morphology. The verb is marked for subject and object in person and number. Kadiweu marks subject person with prefixes, but number (pi) is marked with a suffix immediately following the root Aspect and mood, but not tense, are marked on the verb. There are seven aspect markers - completive/incompletive/durative, telic/atelic, repetitive, and intensive - and two mood markers, conditional and desiderative. There are also three negation markers and a set of directional enclitics. Among the Waikurfian languages, only Kadiwdu has a set of semantic role markers. The structure of the Kadiweu noun resembles noon structure in other Waikuruan languages as well as in most western South American languages The presence of classifiers/nominalizers marking inalienable possession seems to be an areal feature of the languages of western lowland South America.
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