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Title: Le Shimaore (île de Mayotte, Comores) Première Approche d'un Parler de la Langue Comorienne
Authors: Rombi, Marie-Françoise
Keywords: African Languages
Niger-Congo Languages
Bantu Languages
Comorian - Grammar
Shimaore - Grammar
Issue Date: 1983
Publisher: Peeters/Selaf
Abstract: Shimaore, a Bantu language of Mayote Islands, makes un together with Nzuanese a dialect subset of Comorian, quite separate from the Ngazidja-Mwali subset. Generally considered (Guthrie, passim) as part of G 40 "Swahili" group, Comorian can be clearly distinguished from "Standard" kiswahili (based upon Zanzibar's kiunguja), with which it shares an important Arabic lexicon; ther is, however, no intercommunication. Both at the phonemic and the morpho-syntaxic levels (verbal and dependant nominals) shimaore tends to evidence traits reminescent of some continental Bantu languages (from Mozambique especially) as well as of the Northern dialects of Zone G. This work attempts a description of shimaore drawing its inspiration from the methods of Guthrie's school as revised and adapted at the Bantu seminar of INALCO. The grammatical description is illustrated by two folktales translated and commented in close co-operation with informants from Mayote and Mozambique.
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