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Title: Yupik Eskimo Grammar
Authors: Reed, Irene
Keywords: American Indigenous Languages
Northern American Languages
Eskimo-Aleut Languages
Yupik - Grammar
Issue Date: 1977
Publisher: Alaska Native Language Center
Abstract: A grammar of the Central Yupik Eskimo language, spoken in western Alaska, is presented. Although there are several dialects within this area, Yupik is a single language. The first half of this book leans toward the Yukon dialect in the vocabulary sections, while the second half leans toward the Kuskkwim dialect. However, alternate vocabulary words are given throughout the book and phonology, morphology and syntax are fairly uniform throughout all the dialects. The grammar is intended to be the basis of a two-year college course for non-speakers or native speakers. Chapter 1 deals with the writing system and pronunciation. Chapter 2 deals with morphology, particularly suffixation patterns. It is recommended that parts of these chapters be used as reference material, since they would probably be very difficult for students unfamiliar with Yupik grammar. Chapters 3-28 constitute the main text. These chapters present vocabulary, drills and other exercises on particular points of grammar. Following the main text, the vocabulary words and the postbases and enclitics from the 28 chapters are listed. In addition, the following are provided: an index, several addenda to the text, a seven-page bibliography and a short list of other works recommended to students of Yupik. (AMH)
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