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Title: A Sketch Grammar of Darai
Authors: Paudyal, Netra P.
Keywords: Indo-European Languages
Indo-Aryan Languages
Darai - Grammar
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Tribhuvan University
Abstract: This dissertation is an attempt to analyse the Darai language at phonological, morphological and syntactic levels. In addition, there is a short text with interlinear translation. It consists of six chapters. The introductory chapter and the second chapter outline geographic, cultural and socio-linguistic sketch of Darai and its speaker, together with the linguistic relations with other dialects of Darai. The chapter third is on phonology. It includes vowels, consonants, vowel segments and suprasegmentals. The minimal pairs of consonant and vowel phonemes, distribution of consonant and vowel phonemes, positional variants of Darai consonants, distribution of consonants in syllables, vowel sequences, and possible structure in Darai are highlighted. The chapter four is on morphology. It describes nominal and verbal morphology. The morpho-syntactic criteria of Pronoun, Noun, Verbs, Structure of Verb, Aspect, Mood, Tense, Animacy marking in verb are highlighted. The fifth chapter is on syntax. It describes word order, sentence types, various agreement patterns, negativization, reflexivization, causativization, passivization, relativization coordination and subordination. The sixth chapter summarizes the whole work with basic conclusions. The sample text with interlinear translation and gloss, the comparative vocabularies of neighbouring languages of Darai, details of Darai ceremonies, maps, basics sentences and some relevant photographs are all included in the appendix A, B, C, ... respectively.
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