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Title: Estudos de aspectos da lingua Kaiabi(Tupi)
Authors: de Oliveira, Borges
Souza, Patricia
Keywords: Kayabí - Grammar
Kayabí Languages
Tupí-Guaraní Languages
Tupian Languages
American Indigenous Languages
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Abstract: This dissertation presents studies regarding some aspects of the language kaiabi (Tupi), spoken in the Parque Indígenado Xingu, by a group of 747 individuals, and also in the Rio dos Peixes and Rio Telles Pires, without estimate of individuals. The developed research is restricted to the group settled in Xingu. Initially, we present general aspects contained in works already published about kaiabi language, complemented by with some results issued from our research. We also approach some aspects barely described. As in the case of gender marks of sort (3ª person and verbal interaction) and demonstratives. We finish with a reflection on the implications of these aspects and the production written in the context of education of teachers kaiabi, since gender marks and the use of the demonstratives are strictly related to orality. Key-words: Língua indígena – Brasil, Gênero, Escrita
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