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Title: Sacrificio umano e sacrificio del bufalo in Orissa
Authors: Beggiora, Stefano
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: Among the adivasi Saura Tribes of Orissa the most important religious ritual concerns the sacrifice of the buffalo. The animal is slaughtered during the festivals related with the cycle of agriculture, and its blood and flesh are spread around the fields with the purpose of increasing the fertility and opulence of the crops. The buffalo is ritally killed also during the funeral rites, where it is considered the necessary psychopomp, leading the soul of the dead on the right path to the realm of the ancestors. As it is well known, the Sauras did not sacrifice any human victims, and all scholars agree in this regard. During a field-research in Orissa, the author realized that, when in the 19th century the khonds performed the human sacrifice, the Sauras usually sent representatives of their Tribes to the bloodshed ritual. They came back to their own villages with some pieces of the human victim of the khonds, with the purpose of blessing their fields.
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