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Title: Borong (Kosorong) Grammar for a Related Language
Authors: Olkkonen, Soini
Olkkonen, Kaija
Keywords: Trans-New Guinea Languages
Borong - Grammar
Kosorong - Grammar
Indo-Pacific Languages
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Summer Institute of Linguistics, Ukarumpa, New Guinea
Abstract: Borong (Kosorong) language is a related language of Somba-Siawari in Burum-Mindik. We, the authors of this paper, Soini and Kaija Olkkonen, have written Grammar Essentials and 2 papers for Grammar Sketch for the Somba-Siawari language. This present paper has two purposes: First it is written in a way, that helps our national Borong translators to get acquainted with the basic features of the grammar of the Papuan languages, especially their own language. Secondly, because Borong is a related language of Somba-Siawari, a comparison of a couple of differences has being made. Bigger challenges to tackle are the not-matching, but still corresponding issues between the English and Borong grammars.
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