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Title: Tra costruzione e/o distruzione. A proposito di un tentativo di ricostruzione del processo di autocoscienza nazionale georgiana
Authors: Shurgaia, Gaga
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Padova, Studio Editoriale Gordini
Abstract: The article analyses a rather vapid contribution dedicated to the shaping of the Georgian identity. Actually, this analysis reveals the faulty methodology of the contribution which invalidates its outcome. Such flaws are to be identified in the authors's lack of knowledge of the Georgian language, which leads to serious misinterpretations as well as to a significant number of factual errors. The consequence of such ignorance, even though more reasons could be added, is that the author has access to very limited and partial sources. To be more specific, it is obvious that she draws on only one source and the data that it offers is considered in a distorted manner or, in the best of cases, referred to in an equivocal manner. Without whishing to engage in controversy, the present article dissects these elements, deeming them so serious that they harm the reader's comprehension of the subject.
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