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Title: Il Kokinshū nelle poesie stagionali dello Shinkokinshū. Uno studio sulla honkadori
Authors: Giordano, Giuseppe
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Padova, Studio Editoriale Gordini
Abstract: Honkadori, that is allusive variation, was an extraordinary instrument for the poets of the so-called shinkokin jidai, the period of Shinkokinshū. In fact it handed in love modern poetry with the one of tradition, represented particularly by Kokinshū. In addition it managed to get literary production perceived like a living presence, still capable of representing an important point of reference and source of inspiration. It's thanks to it that the poets of the age ofetn could spring a new aestehtic and poetic dimension. In this article it is shown how the compilers of Shinkokinshū exploted skilfully honkadori and added cohesive power to some groups of poems which are in the books dedicated to the four seasons. By bringing to light again the subtexts linking the several poems, the original image of Shinkokinshū is reconstructed as it was perceived by the readers of its age.
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