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Title: Āyine (Mirror) in Bidel's Ghazals. Lexical Solidarities: Āyine ( Mirror) and Dāġ (Brand)
Authors: Zipoli, Riccardo
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Padova, Studio Editoriale Gordini
Abstract: The paper is the example of a stylistic-linguistic analysis applied to a set of 1,650 lines of Bidel containing the word āyine (mirror). In particular, I will examine the phenomenon of " lexical solidarity". This phenomenon is particularly important for the purposes of a stylistic-linguistic enquiry. The first step in the work was to identify a second word forming a pair with āyine in our set of lines. I chose dāġ/brand for two reasons: it has a precise, specific meaning and I can rely on a previous detailed investigation I carried out about this noun. Together with two analyses I published about āyine, the previous study provides a useful background for the purposes of organizing the research. The paper aims to illustrate how Bidel explores numerous links between the mirror and the brand. These links are an innovation, at least in the context of the authors I considered in my paper. In other words, Bidel establishes a new case of lexical solidarity which emerges as a distinguishing feature of his divan.
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